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Randy Arzu is the founder and visionary behind PowerKings Music, a production company specializing in Hip Hop, EDM, DanceHall, Reggae, Punta, Reggaeton, Pop, and Trance. He believes in music the way fish believe in water: there is no life without it. He has worked in the music industry for over 15 years and plays the keyboard, bass guitar, congas, and drums.

Randy has a face that makes televisions wish they could watch themselves. His list of appearances includes the VP Records Show hosted by DJ Enic1 from The Reinforcement, and GTV hosted by Don Juleon. He keeps on his hustle, working with artists such as Natel, Ice Cold, Ching Ching Boom, Eddy GNG, Dagger Animal, The Jempress, Tiffany Johnson, Shelia Dewayano and many more.

Randy’s single-minded purpose is to continue bringing good music into this world. His unique sound and style have already empowered dozens of artists to produce groundbreaking work. As a producer, he understands truly successful music comes from the soul.